Value Proposition

Our goal at WVR is to make the purchasing experience as easy/efficient as possible on customers – we want customer focus to be on enjoying a high-quality product with family & friends – not being tasked with sorting out logistics.

Therefore, our pricing is Turn-Key (All Inclusive w/ no surprises). The quoted beef prices include raising and caring for the animal for 2+ years, delivery of the animal to our processor, processing and cry-o-vac packaging at our USDA facility, dry-aging for 21-42 days and delivery of each order to each customer’s freezer (subject to the delivery map on the Shipping/Delivery tab).

We take care and continually invest in raising the cattle from birth to harvest so our pricing is based on harvest weight (reference Share Details & Pricing tab for details of various cuts/quantities included in each share and related cost). On average, the Turn-Key pricing for the finished product, depending on the label, ranges from $15/lb. - $20/lb. in your freezer. The value increases with larger quantities so we encourage folks to purchase a minimum 1/4 share with lower pricing / lb. for a 1/2 and of course an additional discount for a Whole share.

At WVR, we believe in making sure that customers know exactly what they are purchasing. So what’s the difference in Red, White and Blue Labels? The 3 offerings emerged from different customer preferences and our attempt to give customers a variety of high quality products.

Blue Label

The Wagyu breed is smaller framed and generally develops slower than most all other breeds of cattle – so the investment period is longer and the harvest weight is typically lower – but the end product is intensely marbled and rich. This intense flavor is not for every pallet – but it is the requirement and preference for some. We have 100% Wagyu bulls and a small number of 100% Wagyu cows – which produce the Blue Label.

White Label

The White Label is the middle ground and derives from a handful of Red Label cows that when paired with our 100% Wagyu bulls produce calves that are 75% Wagyu and 25% Angus. Depending on the calf – some tend to take on more of the Wagyu development timeline and marbling while occasionally, some will be larger framed like the Angus w/ varying degrees of marbling.

Red Label

The Angus breed is perhaps the most common and preferred beef in the U.S. for high-end restaurants and butcher shops. Compared to the Wagyu breed, Angus are larger framed and develop on a relatively shorter timeline. The 100% Angus cows in our herd possess high scoring marbling genetics — so we do not sacrifice much marbling when they are paired with our 100% Wagyu bulls to produce the Red Label. These offspring are typically larger and develop more efficiently than the Blue and White Labels. The beef is generally less marbled than the Blue and White Labels; however, plenty marbled and often the preference for most of our customers representing a nice balance between richness and quantity.

In summary, and to be clear – it is not correct to think about the various labels as better or worse than each other as we believe that ALL 3 labels derive from arguably the best beef in the world (Wagyu) and the best beef in the U.S. (Angus). As an analogy, in the diamond world, one of the “4 C’s” is Color with the most recognizable top 3 levels being “D”, “E” and “F”. “D” is more rare and expensive than “E” and “E” more so than “F” – BUT – in the end – ALL 3 are considered to be the BEST diamonds in the world.

So – we have 3 offerings – and you know exactly what you are getting and how the animals are raised and cared for. Per the American Wagyu Association, any calf that is 49.1% Wagyu can legally be marketed as “Wagyu” – so technically – ALL of our labels are "Wagyu" – but honestly – we want to provide potential and existing customers with 100% of the facts while explaining why we have 3 different price points and 3 different offerings. With that said, we are not mass producing cars or computers and therefore we do not have the ability to replicate the end product with 100% repeatability and consistency – these are living animals that we take great pride and care to allow them to develop naturally (on their own timeline) which inevitably results in different levels of marbling and taste. However, we have great confidence in our herd’s genetics and our strict adherence to our core principles of Patience and Quality which have consistently led to customer satisfaction as is evidenced by what our customers are saying about us on our Testimonial Tab.