"Walhalla Valley beef is absolutely delicious. From day one to harvest, Joey does it right. The decision to raise an all-natural, free-range, free-choice product and to utilize a nearby USDA Certified facility, exemplifies Walhalla Valley's commitment to excellence. I highly recommend that beef lovers take the time to learn more."

Rick Garber

First Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Atlanta, GA

"People are often surprised that we proudly serve them steak for dinner…thinking that a preventive cardiologist and his preventive cardiology nurse 'wife' would not opt for 'RED MEAT'...but we only eat the best and thus we eat Wagyu from Walhalla Valley Ranch. We love the meat, we know it's healthy and having it in our own freezer makes it that much better! Thank you Joey, and everyone who works at Walhalla Valley".

Dr. H. Robert Superko, FACC, FAHA

Brenda Garrett-Superko, RN, Pebble Beach / Carmel, CA

“Great quality and price.  I grill about 2-3 times a week and love cooking with the cuts from Walhalla Valley.  There is a noticeable difference in the meat's texture and flavor versus what I find at the grocery store.  The meat is definitely fresher and juicier. The meat arrives in vacuum sealed packages with clear USDA labeling, which makes it easier to choose what meats to cook. Even the ground beef tastes like a filet.”

Simon Haidamous

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Houston, TX

“Great service.  Joey kept us informed of the deliver timing and dropped it off at the house.  The quality of the meat and the packing is outstanding.  The beef is very flavorful and tender.  You can cut the steaks with a fork.”

Mitch Fane

Transaction Advisory Services Partner, Ernst & Young LLP, Sugar Land, TX

“Walhalla Valley went above and beyond in the service, delivery and quality of their beef.  The ground beef makes the best Hamburger, Spaghetti, and Tacos.  The big Tomahawk steaks were enough for 3 people!  They were tender, juicy and just plain delicious.  I would highly recommend this high quality of beef and it is worth the price!”

Lynn Hertzberg

Atascocita, TX

“Having known Joey Rinando for 20 years, I knew that if he put the same work ethic and personal pride in Walhalla Valley as he does in other areas of his life, that the resulting product would be superior.  So, it was no surprise to me when Joey took the time and care to personally keep me informed of the progress at the ranch and personally deliver this world class beef to my house.” “What did surprise me was the incredible flavor and texture of all of the cuts.  From the tomahawk ribeyes, to the roasts and brisket, all the way through to the ground beef, my family and friends have been treated to the most pleasurable dining experiences imaginable.  Joey, keep up the great work!”

Chris Komarek

Director, Axia Resources, Houston, TX

"Unfortunately, the food industry has been on a continuous quest to deliver our food faster and cheaper, which has resulted in significant sacrifices around quality.  Our family feels strongly about food and, like many other families, we look to the highest quality food while also understanding how it was grown and how an animal was raised and cared for.  We firmly believe that a happier animal living in a natural environment results in healthier food.  This is very consistent with the philosophy of Walhalla Valley that they live and breath daily.  Joey and the rest of the team at Walhalla have been on a great journey to bring the highest quality food without any compromises on their principles.  It’s been great to see Joey succeed and we are excited to continue to be a part of the journey as their customers".

Samir Mammadov

Tax Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Woodlands, TX

“My order was delivered to my home and the cuts were all individually shrink wrapped, so they went right to the freezer/fridge with no additional hassle.  So far I’ve only had the ground beef and rib eye, and both cuts were delicious.   The rib eyes are tender and juicy and the ground beef made some of the most flavorful burgers and sliders I’ve ever tasted.   I am looking forward to trying the other cuts, which I expect to be equally delicious.”

Tina Obut

Petroleum Reserve Engineer / Executive, Houston, TX

“The beef our family has enjoyed from the Walhalla Valley Ranch represents the pinnacle of home dining.  We love being able to prepare premium beef in the comfort of our own home.  And, we love the care in which Walhalla Valley raises each animal free of hormones and antibiotics - in short, pure organic premium beef.  Why eat anything else?”

Dr. John Carswell

Kingwood, TX

“I like meat…especially red meat.  WV beef is the best meat I have ever had.  WV beef has a rich, buttery taste that you just don’t get from store-bought beef.  It’s also nice to know that the beef was raised/processed in an all-natural and humane manner.”

Quentin Hicks

VP Finance, The Woodlands, TX

“The proprietor of Walhalla Valley, Joey Rinando, brings the same attention to detail and passion that he’s always brought to his other professional endeavors…and it shows.  From the personal delivery to the amazing quality and flavor of the meats, we were blown away!”

Billy J. Murphy

Dwyer Murphy Calvert LLP, Austin, TX

“We grill different cuts of meat frequently.  And, my kids are all 15yrs+ in age.  So, they are capable of, and willing to, express an opinion. I’ve recently grilled burgers, skirt steak and NY strip.  The family unanimously praised each of these separate meals.  Here are some specific details/comments… Burgers – the meat felt more dense that our regular burger meat from HEB.  The texture was firmer and everyone loved the taste! Skirt steak (fajitas) – I grill this cut of meat regularly.  When I opened the package, the meat was a deep, rich color, noticeably different than my regularly purchased skirt steaks.  I prepared the meat as usual, nothing different.  But the family’s reaction to the meat was dramatic.  They wouldn’t stop eating it from when I was slicing the meat through the dinner.  I probably have cooked 100+ fajita steaks over the years and hands down, they unanimously said that steak was the best!  Very tender. Very juicy.  Amazing! NY Strip – Again, normal preparation, salt & pepper and grilled over wood fire.  Amazing.  My family again raved over these steaks.  They absolutely loved the flavor.  I even suggested that we try to use butter knives, non-serrated knives to see if we could easily cut through the meat.  I was surprised to see that the butter knives were sufficient.”

Kevin Whelton

Executive Recruiter, Cypress, TX

“This is the way that beef is supposed to taste.  My wife, two young boys and I can tell the difference from the typical grocery store offerings.  Despite knowing Joey and his family for over 20 years – of course we were skeptical at first that this was really different or higher quality than typical beef products – but as a repeat customer – we are convinced that Walhalla Valley is something special.  We take comfort in knowing the effort, care and attention that Joey and his family put into building and sustaining this small family ranch operation – and knowing exactly what we are feeding to our family.” “You normally have to go to a high end restaurant to enjoy true dry-aged beef – and even then – it is normally limited to the higher end filet, strip and ribeye cuts only.  Walhalla dry ages the entire carcass – so even the ground meat is dry-aged and offers a unique flavor and tenderness. We enjoy all of the cuts and ground beef, but our favorites are the filets and roasts.  We recently prepared one of the roasts and it was incredible – it compared to the flavor and tenderness of a high end restaurant filet – but we were able to enjoy it around our family dining table at home.” “The value is evident – you get what you pay for.  Of course this is more expensive than what you get at the grocery store but you can’t compare the two offerings.  We value knowing how our product was raised, where it was raised and the folks that raised it.  This is an All Natural product that Joey and his son deliver to our freezer.  We no longer buy beef at the grocery store, we buy in bulk now from Walhalla and reorder when running low.”

Mark Mize

Oil & Gas Finance Executive, Sugar Land, TX

“Nearly two years ago, my wife and I did what most people in the city do with limited space, we purchased a quarter of the Texas raised red label and a seven cubic foot freezer to place in the matchbox sized garage of our townhome.  The Walhalla Valley delivery team (Joey and his son) delivered the quarter on-time as promised, which is the date our views on purchasing beef progressed towards real ranch to table.  The first cut we tried was a tomahawk ribeye seasoned with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper cooked over a charcoal grill.  The well-marbled tomahawk developed beautiful caramelized accents of texture and flavor that surpassed all expectations - there was no question the value promised was real.  Our potential bias would be absolved by family and friends giving their praises after dinner parties and Texans' game days.  The benefit of having quick access to consistent, superior tasting steaks and ground beef from burgers to spaghetti led to the purchase of a whole red label delivered this Spring that we split with a couple converts, and a larger freezer.  I highly recommend Walhalla Valley for those serious about knowing the source, quality, and reliable taste of the beef served to their family and friends."

Eric Vega

Logistics Manager, Houston, TX

“The original reason I bought Wagyu beef from Walhalla Valley Ranch was the owner (Joey Rinando).  I didn’t know much about Wagyu beef but I have known Joey for over 20 years and knew that if he was involved and asking me to try this beef it was going to be good.  I am glad I did!  By far the best quality beef I have ever had.  The marbling in the steaks from Walhalla Valley was incredible!  Steaks when cooked correctly (medium rare) deliver a tender, juicy steak with a flavor that you can’t get from regular beef.  When you bite into the hamburgers they literally explode with flavor. Service was pretty good too, as the beef was personally delivered by Joey and his son and put in my freezer.  In summary, great beef, great overall experience and I have signed up for my next order."

Bill Fleenor

Accounting & Finance Executive, Austin, TX

“Walhalla Valley “Wagyu” beef is without doubt some of the finest red meat that I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. I’ve been employed in the beverage industry for twenty plus years and had the pleasure to enjoy numerous steak houses and fine dining establishments around the country and Walhalla Wagyu is better than 99% of the meat served in these steak houses. Filet is my choice of cut when dining out and the Filets from Walhalla Valley rank at the top of the menu for tenderness, flavor and taste! But the biggest enjoyment this summer has been the ground meat – what a surprise of all the cuts, the ground beef is lean, juicy and the taste flavor after grilling on the pit is unbelievable as numerous family and neighbors have testified!  Not to mention knowing the family that farms the cattle and the care and attention they put into insuring the livestock are bred and raised to the highest standards. Packaging and option for custom portion size are two key areas that are an added bonus!”

William Chesnut

Region Manager TX, OK, NM, LA - William Grant & Sons Inc.

“If the beef is grown in God’s Country (Fayette County, Texas), you know the end result will be fantastic.  After tasting a delicious cut of Walhalla Valley’s beef, you will know it comes from superior genetics, an all-natural diet and a well-thought-through processing and aging process.  From the order process of working directly with the ranch’s owner (Joey) to the personal delivery, Walhalla’s customer service is second-to-none.  The steaks have a great marbling, tenderness and taste and the ground beef is lean but much tastier than traditional beef.  In fact, our family (kids included) prefer Walhalla’s ground beef over any other lean or regular ground beef or wild game ground meat.  Our family prefers burgers but the meat quality lends itself to be used in traditional and non-traditional recipes."

Cale Kobza

VP / CFO, Energy Services Company, Cypress, TX

“My family and I appreciate what you are doing with Walhalla Valley Ranch.  We take comfort in knowing the beef we are feeding to ourselves and are children are free from steroids, antibiotics, hormones and other harmful additives.  Two weeks ago we went to the river and purchased some steaks from the supermarket to cook while we were there.  They were the standard grass-fed, antibiotics-free, hormone-free beef bought in the supermarket.  They were good.  Last week, our family cooked some of Walhalla’s Wagyu steaks at our home, and they were absolutely amazing!!  The flavor of the beef purchased in the supermarket was not even in the vicinity of the flavor of the beef from Walhalla.  I commented to my wife that it was the best flavored steak I have ever eaten.  Thanks again for providing us with top quality beef.”

Matt Aycock

Owner, Aycock & Company, PC, Houston, TX

“As physicians, my husband and I buy our beef directly from Walhalla Valley Ranch because we want to give our family the best quality, best tasting product we can. The health benefits of Wagyu beef with no added hormones or antibiotics are far superior to those of the normal beef that can be bought at a typical grocery store. Wagyu beef is known for it's "good cholesterol" HDL instead of the "bad cholesterol" the LDL unlike regular beef. We have bought consistently from the Walhalla Valley Ranch since its first year of production and could not be more excited that they are around!! The Tomahawk's are AMAZING and we save those for special occasions.”

Maria Berdayes-Bowles, DO

Associate Professor Baylor College of Medicine, Humble, TX

“The arrival of a new steer from Walhalla Ranch to our freezer has become an annual affair at our house and is the only red meat that we now eat.  The taste is better than what we can buy in a store and in many cases, better than what is served in restaurants.  Even more important to me, the peace of mind knowing that the animals have been well cared for and have been allowed to graze in Texas fields eating what they want without antibiotics or chemicals makes me feel good about serving the Walhalla meat to my family and friends.”

Pamela Kunkemoeller, Attorney

Attorney, Houston, TX

“It was important for us to find a source for beef we could trust. We have been continually frustrated with the quality and the overall consistency of meat from the grocery stores close to our home.  It’s difficult to even trust Whole Foods at this point. I can honestly say I’ve never had a better burger and every cut has been fantastic regardless of how it’s been prepared. It’s now my mission to encourage friends and family who love beef to make the switch to Walhalla Valley!”

Scott Barker

Oil & Gas Finance Executive, Humble, TX

Walhalla Valley exceeded all expectations – service, quality, and flavor. The only issue is that it has made the best steakhouses in Denver “irrelevant!” I was well aware the steaks, ribs, etc., were going to be significantly different in flavor – I was shocked by how amazing the ground beef tasted. Now that we’ve had a chance to “share” Walhalla with our friends, it’s time for them to get their own!

Jon Wright

Oil & Gas Executive Denver, CO

“Over the past several years, the food industry has been focused on delivering mass produced products.  Many consumers do not understand the conditions in which their food is raised.  I try to share this information with my children in the hope that they will develop healthy eating habits and ask questions about where their food comes from. Walhalla Valley is different and is committed to raising the highest quality beef, and sharing the benefits of this with their customers.”

Jared Curless

PwC Tax Partner, Houston, TX