Kevin Whelton
July 10, 2017
Eric Vega
July 10, 2017

“This is the way that beef is supposed to taste.  My wife, two young boys and I can tell the difference from the typical grocery store offerings.  Despite knowing Joey and his family for over 20 years – of course we were skeptical at first that this was really different or higher quality than typical beef products – but as a repeat customer – we are convinced that Walhalla Valley is something special.  We take comfort in knowing the effort, care and attention that Joey and his family put into building and sustaining this small family ranch operation – and knowing exactly what we are feeding to our family.”
“You normally have to go to a high end restaurant to enjoy true dry-aged beef – and even then – it is normally limited to the higher end filet, strip and ribeye cuts only.  Walhalla dry ages the entire carcass – so even the ground meat is dry-aged and offers a unique flavor and tenderness. We enjoy all of the cuts and ground beef, but our favorites are the filets and roasts.  We recently prepared one of the roasts and it was incredible – it compared to the flavor and tenderness of a high end restaurant filet – but we were able to enjoy it around our family dining table at home.”
“The value is evident – you get what you pay for.  Of course this is more expensive than what you get at the grocery store but you can’t compare the two offerings.  We value knowing how our product was raised, where it was raised and the folks that raised it.  This is an All Natural product that Joey and his son deliver to our freezer.  We no longer buy beef at the grocery store, we buy in bulk now from Walhalla and reorder when running low.”