Billy J. Murphy
July 10, 2017
Mark Mize
July 10, 2017

“We grill different cuts of meat frequently.  And, my kids are all 15yrs+ in age.  So, they are capable of, and willing to, express an opinion.
I’ve recently grilled burgers, skirt steak and NY strip.  The family unanimously praised each of these separate meals.  Here are some specific details/comments…
Burgers – the meat felt more dense that our regular burger meat from HEB.  The texture was firmer and everyone loved the taste! Skirt steak (fajitas) – I grill this cut of meat regularly.  When I opened the package, the meat was a deep, rich color, noticeably different than my regularly purchased skirt steaks.  I prepared the meat as usual, nothing different.  But the family’s reaction to the meat was dramatic.  They wouldn’t stop eating it from when I was slicing the meat through the dinner.  I probably have cooked 100+ fajita steaks over the years and hands down, they unanimously said that steak was the best!  Very tender. Very juicy.  Amazing! NY Strip – Again, normal preparation, salt & pepper and grilled over wood fire.  Amazing.  My family again raved over these steaks.  They absolutely loved the flavor.  I even suggested that we try to use butter knives, non-serrated knives to see if we could easily cut through the meat.  I was surprised to see that the butter knives were sufficient.”