Our Focus

To be different meant that Our Focus had to be keeping the cattle on natural habitat while providing them a nutritionally balanced diet for the betterment and sustained well-being / welfare of the cattle – and ultimately the consumer. Pasture and hay alone, in most regions, has its deficiencies for at least some portion of every year (depending on drought, flood and everything in between) – the supplement addresses those shortcomings and is beneficial and healthy for the cattle. Being different meant recognizing that Mother Nature has a different timeline for every animal – and while more time ='s more investment, Patience was a core competency we had to adhere to. Thus, the harvest date can range from 22 to 30 months - depending on when each is finished. The Program and Patience has enabled us to achieve our goals of Quality and Excellence.

Being different meant no feed yards, following a strict processing and packaging protocol, and focusing on providing superior customer service. When harvest time comes – the cattle are processed at our USDA facility near the ranch where each animal is inspected and processed humanely - one at a time - and then dry aged in a climate controlled room for 21 - 42 days on average. Then, each animal is processed with each cut individually cry-o-vac wrapped/sealed and USDA labeled.