Business Principles

Our business plan is founded on PATIENCE and QUALITY. We recognize the importance of allowing time and Mother Nature to produce a level of quality and value that humans and technological short-cuts simply cannot. In 2010, we started slowly and methodically – identifying solid genetic characteristics to form the foundation of our herd. We have carefully selected and combined Angus (arguably the best beef in the USA) with ideal bloodlines of Wagyu (arguably the best beef in the world) to bring to market a product that we are proud to put our brand upon. We remain steadfast and uncompromising on our basic principles:
  • We are not focused on producing record volumes – or first-to-finish concepts
  • We are not interested in selling a commodity product to the masses
  • We do not give the cattle sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • We do not administer hormones for either growth enhancement nor any other reason
  • We do not feed our cattle straight grain or any animal bi-products
What we ARE doing is striving for a superior grade of quality and excellence in a finished product (raised in a humane environment) that is evident to a select group of customers that care about value, quality and excellence and are interested in embracing a best-in-class beef product.